About Us


About Amir Boxing Health Club

Here we are a health club. Strong bodies make healthy minds and promote happiness and wellbeing.  

We train Muay Thai, Boxing, and MMA to build skills and conditioning that last a lifetime. Respect, strength, and passion are at the heart of our practice.

We accept anyone at their stage of learning martial arts and welcome you to be a part of our family.


About Amir

Coach Amir start training karate a 11 years old and a few years later start his boxing training. Following his love and passion with kickboxing and muaythai, he traveled to Thailand for the adventure and discovery at mother land of his favorite sport. He spent his early 20s training and fought at the main stadium at Thailand at Lumpinee Rajadamnarn, broadcasted on stadium tv 7 across Thailand. 

Amir then started jujitsu and MMA at Bangkok fight club 2004 before beginning his teaching career in 2005. 

Amir is a professional coach with expertise in Boxing, Muaythai, Kickboxing and MMA. Amir holds black belts in Kickboxing, karate, jujitsu, as well as Khan 14 Muay Thai, with many amateur and pro muaythai fight records throughout the past 3 decades.